How to Update Your Site

Important: You can either use the self-service features explained in this document or hire Oppkey to keep your content updated.

Staff Roles

There are three staff roles for you and your employees to update content:
  1. Content Manager
  2. Brand Manager
  3. Big Manager

Explanation of Roles

Staff Log in

Go to


If you forget your password, send email to

Creating New Content

Select + Add

start content

Add text and images to the appropriate fields. Note that fields are bold are required.

input content

Press SAVE View site to verify that new content was added.

content updated

Updating Content

To make a change to existing content, first list all content by clicking on the link "Contents".

content listing

Click on the title of the content that you want to edit. From this view, you can also choose to add new content.

add content

More Complex Content

This is the input form for the project showcase. Images are uploaded with a file browser. Fields can also be drop-down menus.


Rich Text Editor For Some Fields

Some applications come with a rich text editor to provide more flexibility, including the ability to copy and paste formatted text from GoogleDocs or other web sites. This feature bypasses the content template for some fields and requires branding and content supervision.

rich text editor

Brand Management

To edit the brand template, you either need to use the brandmanager or bigmanager accounts.